UC Health Greeley Hospital

Greeley Evans Transit will provide a standardized curb-to-curb service for customers needing to go their doctor or meet their other medical need choosing to go to UC Health. The customer may call into GET dispatch at least a day in advance, and up to 14-days in advance to set up a Call-N-Ride trip. Same day trips may be accepted, subject to vehicle and seating availability.
photo of UC Health bus stop
The round trip will be scheduled to pick up the customer at the Greeley Mall Transfer Center or the Greeley Evans Regional Transit Center. The vehicle will take the customer to the main entrance of the UC Health hospital and return to the respective transfer centers. To maximize efficiency, customers with appointments within the same reasonable time frame will be scheduled together, with the potential of being dropped off up to one hour before the appointment and being picked up as late as one hour as the requested time. It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure they are at the proper location for pick up at the scheduled time provided by dispatch and any transportation means to meet that scheduled time. The customer is also responsible for any transportation necessary after they arrive upon return at the Greeley Mall Transfer Center or the Greeley Evans Regional Transit Center and getting to their next desired destination.

The first time a general public customer calls in to place a trip request, the customer will have to build a profile. Additional questions of the customer may be asked including, but not limited to: Name, Mailing Address, Phone Number, E-Mail Address, Mobility Status, etc.

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